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Autoethnography and Scavenger Hunt prompts 5


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Bethanie Altamirano

The articles were a bit challenging since we haven't really read any scholarly articles till now in this class. For me personally, I skimmed the articles before making my selections.

Eric Cortes

I found it when reading these articles pretty easy to get lost in what they were saying and not completely understand what is being said. When I picked what to read I choose by looking at the titles and descriptions to see what was more understandable and interesting.

Heidi L Jarvis

I just went by what was easiest to read, so I guess I skimmed them. I only took notes on what was important to my topic, so that is one way I stayed on task with what I was assigned to do.

Yousef Sindi

There were definitely times where I was having trouble reading and analyzing the articles so I skimmed through most of them and found what made sense and caught my attention.

Jonah Yano

It was very challenging so I mostly just skimmed over it, but usually I do this when the topic isn't really catching my eye.

Cole Herschbach

I tried to just go off of the titles and descriptions that the articles had. But after that I still skimmed through to see if there were any important facts that I didn't know about.

Mat Carpenter

I have had experience with articles like these, I have a habit of skimming them at first then I try to develop a summary. If I can't make a full and concise summary from skimming said article I then take the time to go back and re-read the material at length. In the case of the presented material, I did skim them but I did so thoughtfully and I had no trouble processing their themes and meanings.

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